{pumpkin patch II}

we just love fall so much, another trip to the pumpkin patch was made.


{the cam loves this fam}

i love them too.  they're really great people who love others selflessly and serve their community in the medical profession.  blessed to know you W's! 


{pumpkin patch}

took our annual fall trip to the pumpkin patch. fall has to be my most favorite time of the year -- the warm colors, the cool fresh air, cinnamon, pumpkin pie....gorgeous sites, beautiful smells!

i think this pic says it all.  my oldest is just chill, my girl-always the model, and the youngest --  always on the go. 

the kids always love the experience -- walking through all the pumpkins, picking out the perfect one...  and of course feeding the animals.

my little man was through with pictures. :)

i just thought this guy was interesting ... hangin' out with all the other pumpkins...on a stick. :)
happy fall!


{*shoes* are a girls best friend}

i am a woman - therefore i love shoes.  i'm not sure if i've passed this love on to my daughter, or if it's in her gender makeup. she loves to shop for shoes, try them on and if they're on sale-of course we have to buy them (like these).  :)  i'm not sure who loves them more - me or her.  you decide:

have any cute shoes you want to show off?


{sorry son}

we were just on our way back from my oldest son's football game, playin' with my camera, when i caught my youngest with these shots (this may explain why he's not always fond of the camera).  then he had something to tell me...

really...i love you son! :)


The L's

It was an honor to spend some time with this super special family. 

And they're great models!  Beautiful eyes, sweet smiles and fun personalities. 

 THIS has to be one of my favorite.photos.EVER.
 Because...it represents her family. 

{i'm a gleek}

i know, i know -- i'm behind on the "glee" phenomenon.  but better late than never, right???  i watched my first episode tuesday night...and ever since been downloading all music "glee"and catching up on past episodes ondemand, youtube, fox, etc.  i was asked, "why do i like this?"  my answer: i love music, and it has heart.  who wouldn't love pop music in their high school glee club, come on?!?  just a couple reasons why:

tuesdays @7P on FOX.

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