{just another snow pic}

i just like this pic of my youngest in the snow.  it's different.  it reminds me of the intro pictures to SNL.  funny.  crazy.  that's him. 


{diggin out of blizzard 2011}

yes, we are so ready to dig out of the blizzard of 2011.  20" of snow and 2 weeks off of school will ready anyone for sunshine!  :D  but we still tried to enjoy this once in a decade kind of snow.  including our german shephard mix, chewbacca. 

he LOVES the snow. and he loves playing with the kids in the snow (note-my sons arm in the red coat next to him making a snow angel).  we rescued him when he was a pup when we lived in colorado years ago.  so i think it reminds him of being a pup.  but that's what i think.  

i wonder what he thinks. 

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