moving to tumblr

i've contemplated it for awhile. i'm moving my little blog to tumblr, only because it's just a little more user friendly. :D

i'll leave this blog up simply for my work to this point, but posting all my new work there.

so please follow me over there, leave me a comment and let me know what you're up to.



sharing the park

got to hang out with with these cute kiddos again a couple weekends ago.

this one's a sweetie.  she asked to hold my hand as we walked around.  we were at woodward park with a few hundred other people - unbeknownst to me - that same night was 2 of our biggest local schools proms, along with a few wedding parties taking pix.  phew!  but we still got some cute ones!  
 handsome young man.  he's got the posin' down.
 this girl seems to be quite the lil' mama.  when her lil' sister wasn't holding my hand, big sister was taking good care of her.  pretty lady!

thanks friends for braving the crowds that night at the park-so much fun!


a plethora of puffs


i <3 my church.  because they <3 people.  enough that their team spent hours and hours make a plethora of puffs for a plethora of lil' punkins to enjoy on Palm Sunday.  thank you, thank you for sharing your time and talents to make a special day for so many!

Easter this year - they had it all -- animals - including the Easter bunny and the Easter... tortoise (you've heard of him, right?)  birds and more!

it was a great day and so much fun to see how much fun all the lil' punkins were having!  it was a super honor to be asked to take pictures that day...

and another super honor that Ashley posted a couple of my pictures on her blog to inspire others.  thanks Ashley! rejoicing with you that your lil' punkin's home and praying for a quick recovery.

if you've stopped by bc of Ashley's blog, leave me a comment - I'd love to hear from you, what you think and what you like and what could be better.

be blessed.


i am a concert lovin' girl, and my sweet friend and i got to rock out and see KINGS OF LEON or "cans of lee-yahn" as my 4 year old says.

great show, great musicians ... thankful for awesome seats we got the day of.

do you like concerts?  whose the best you've seen lately?  leave me a comment and let me know who i need to see.

gettin' hitched

a few weeks ago, my friend asked me to take some pix for his new wedding business.  i shot pix of a potential "bride" and her fiance.  well--it ended up an actual engagement shoot!  it was a gorgeous evening at sunset.

what a gorgeous ring!

what a sweet couple and wish you all the best!


{beautiful ladies}

i got to spend some time with my sweet friend and snap some pix of her and her beautiful girl.


she was wearing one of my favorite colors and I'm totally jealous of thrilled for her that she has these gorgeous shoes!  ;D


such a pretty little lady!  the no-teeth stage is so momentous-one to look back at in a few years and cherish.  



{'round the neighborhood}

i just can't stop talking about spring!  now that it's here, we have of course been spending more time outside.  while  outside with the kids a couple days ago, i took note of some of the happenin's in our hood.

this mama bird's camping out on our front porch keepin' an eye on us, and away from her babies.  love her beautiful aqua colorings.

these guys are also keepin' an eye on the hood.  they remind me of those old guys on the muppet show theatre.   so they make me smile.
what's happenin' in your hood?


{spring break}

it's spring break around here.  and that makes me think about the vacation that my hubby and i just got back from.

and how i would still like to be there. 
 on the beach.  chillin under palm trees.  checking out the wildlife.
 thankful for that time and thankful for pictures to remind me. :D



whew!  the weather has changed since the last time i posted and i am loving it!

so...we enjoyed the weather, hopped in the car and drove a few hours to go see my parents over the weekend.  since we're all grown and out of the house, they now have those of the "furry variety" at home to care for.  i love to take pictures of pets, so i whipped my camera out and snapped a few. 

joan didn't care if i had a camera in her face, as long as i left her to bask in the sun .... away from the 3 children who had invaded her house. 

julie followed me around the yard since she knew i had some snacks for her.  she's just so cute and playful.

mimi is the more "mature" of the bunch.  sweet natured and patient with the 3 children who had just invaded her home.  we got to chillax outside in the nice weather a lot with the kiddos. 


{just another snow pic}

i just like this pic of my youngest in the snow.  it's different.  it reminds me of the intro pictures to SNL.  funny.  crazy.  that's him. 

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