{little man furry}

i had the opportunity to take some pix of a beautiful baby girl last week for her one year birthday, which i will post later.  in the meantime, i did get some pix of her cute dog Baby who found some leftovers at the party.  he's so cute - he just looked like a fat little furry man!

this just makes me smile! looks like mission accomplished Baby!   what do you think?


{lights and thanksgiving break}

we have had a great thanksgiving holiday with lots of togetherness - and it really has been fun!  we've gone to the movies, watched movies at home, spent time with friends, done some Christmas shopping, relaxed - all things holiday.  we enjoyed a family tradition of Christmas lights one night.

it was a nice night out - only slightly chilly.  so we did grab some hot chocolate to warm us up.  looks like little bubba was using sissy for some warmth also. =D

let the holidays begin!


{the M's}

i really had fun taking pix with this truly sweet family.

this guy, before meeting me, came running up to me with a hug yelling my name, and later asked to hold my hand while we walked around taking pictures. melt my heart!

youngest sister wasn't too sure about some silly woman chasing her around with a camera - it's only because she is completely a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.!

oldest sister was just a doll, and i could tell-such a great helper!

this guy is all boy and just fun. 

thanks M's!  truly a joy to spend some time with you.


{still lovin' fall}

i just really had fun with this cute couple and their sweet family! 
he's quite the charmer, can't you tell? ;)

don't you just want to pinch those sweet lil' cheeks?
thanks for enjoying a fall evening with me sweet family!


{yeah for november!}

had a fun time with this cute couple and their sweet family on a beautiful fall evening recently! 

thanks - more pix to come soon!

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