a plethora of puffs


i <3 my church.  because they <3 people.  enough that their team spent hours and hours make a plethora of puffs for a plethora of lil' punkins to enjoy on Palm Sunday.  thank you, thank you for sharing your time and talents to make a special day for so many!

Easter this year - they had it all -- animals - including the Easter bunny and the Easter... tortoise (you've heard of him, right?)  birds and more!

it was a great day and so much fun to see how much fun all the lil' punkins were having!  it was a super honor to be asked to take pictures that day...

and another super honor that Ashley posted a couple of my pictures on her blog to inspire others.  thanks Ashley! rejoicing with you that your lil' punkin's home and praying for a quick recovery.

if you've stopped by bc of Ashley's blog, leave me a comment - I'd love to hear from you, what you think and what you like and what could be better.

be blessed.

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  1. Love the Puffs, Even the Lil Puffs posing for pics :)


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